Moncontour Active Park - Terres de France

New Aquitaine - Vienne - Moncontour

Situated at the border of Anjou, Poitou and Touraine, Moncontour Active Park is an ideal place for family vacation or active holidays. At the border on a lake, this complex offers all the facilities for sporting holidays: a lake with multitude activities (water ski, wakeboard, fishing, canoe and kayak, watery toboggan, minigolf, bicycle, tennis…), a sandy beach of exceptional quality, a huge water slide, children playground, a restaurant, a pizzeria and a guinguette. Activities are available all... day for all ages: From small children to teenagers. You will be lodges in the villas, cottages or on the campsite situated around the lake with free access to the base. Surrounded by the French charming countryside, the resort is an ideal for bike trips or walking trips

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Address : Le Lac du Gué du Magne
86330 Moncontour
New Aquitaine - France

GPS coordinates : Latitude : 46.8860879916827
Longitude : -0.0197125396728492

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