Occitania - Haute-Garonne - Palaminy

The Garonne that runs along the campsite makes it enjoy the fresh air. If you listen, you can hear the water running. On the other side is the forest that borders the field. An alert eye will watch wild animals and enjoy the flora and fauna present on the park. In front, the mountain. A few steps, raised landscapes await you. On the estate, many species of trees dot the bare sites and those of mobile homes. Sometimes sunny, sometimes shady, with the sun going high in the sky, we see throughout t... he day the different facets of the campsite. In the evening, the insects sing and another Southern charm appears

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Address : 668 Route de Mauran
31220 Palaminy
Occitania - France

GPS coordinates : Latitude : 43.1970030339723
Longitude : 1.06766335666191

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