Camping la Ferme de la Folivraie

Normandy - Calvados - Louvières

La Folivraie, the first Un Lit au Pré in France, is owned by Jacques and Marguerite-Marie who have farmed here for more than 60 years. The farm is only a forty-five minutes from Caen Ferry Harbour (Ouistreham), along the way you will find the small village of Louvières, ideally located 1.5 km from the sea, bordering both the Marais du Bessin national park and the protected coastal area. The fields undulate toward the village with its small houses built in limestone. The 12th century church is ho... me to one of the most beautiful clock-towers in the area and certainly the tallest. From the farm you'll find sunken tracks which lead further South to the small Veret river. The high cliffs of nearby Vierville enjoy spectacular views of the coastline across to the Pointe de la Percée. Up until the beginning of the 20th century, the locals were still using ropes to descend to the shoreline and walk or fish on to the rocky areas. La Folivraie is an area with an abundance of history, where the fortified farms and manor houses bear the marks of a past which has seen a number of battles. At 10 km from the farm you will find the seaside town of Port-en-Bessin, which today is the most important commercial fishing port of the Basse Normandie region. In the 11th century, William the Conqueror was already building his boats here, those that would subsequently be used in the Conquest of England. Much later, the fields at Formigny (5 km away) were the scene of the decisive battles signifying an end to the 100 year war. This area was well known for its water fowl and was reputed to be a favourite hunting area for Louis the 14th. In recent times, the farm has miraculously survived the bombings and battles in the area, including that of the Allied forces landing on Omaha Beach on D-Day, 6th June 1944

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Address : Le Bourg
14710 Louvières
Normandy - France

GPS coordinates : Latitude : 49.361146
Longitude : -0.918438

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