Camping Isábena

Aragon - Huesca - La Puebla De Roda

You will find our campground at the southern edge of the central Pyrenees in the province of Huesca, Aragon. The valley of the Isábena - the river, which gave the name to our place - is a landscape which tourism has not discovered yet - a hiding place for recreation. So the marvellous landscape genuinely is an insiders’ tip. An interesting geology as well as a fascinating Flora and Fauna expect the visitor. Despite the height of approx. 700 m the valley of the Isábena has a balanced mild microcl... imat. In spite of the altitude of about 700 m our Isabena Valley has a balanced microclimate (even olive-trees are growing here!) so that you can enjoy your vacation also in spring and autumn, if you prefer to travel out of season. The are offers ideal and challenging conditions for bikers on roads and paths scarcely frequented. You also may have opportunity to go fishing or hunting (during the permitted season) or hang gliding. Four in their character of landscape completely different and extremely delightful national parks with deep canyons and cascades can be reached comfortably on good roads and have an outstanding network of trails

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Address : Ctra. Graus a Viella, km 27
22428 La Puebla De Roda
Aragon - Spain

GPS coordinates : Latitude : 42.30385
Longitude : 0.5415916

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