Camping Club Naturista Pizzo Greco

Calabria - Crotone - Ísola Di Capo Rizzuto

Our history Pizzo Greco naturism was created in 1984 following a proposal by the then leadership of FENAIT; the business idea was that of three new tourism entrepreneurs who already had a small campsite on the Ionian coast of Calabria in the province of Crotone: Domenico Battaglia of Calabrian origin, and Sergio Rosso and Mario Pietro Samarotto of Piedmontese origin. The beauty of the place, its still-wild nature, and its beach with difficult public access were the ideal conditions because natur... ism has become popular and its practice has been consolidated over the years, with a slow but gradual development. Today Pizzo Greco is a beautiful reality in the European naturist tourist panorama, for the number of visitors (we exceeded 36,000 in 2008), for the variety of customers, from the USA to Russia, from Norway to Australia, with a strong prevalence of EU citizens, and nationally it is the only naturismo directly facing the sea. The opportunity that we have been offered to organize the 32nd World Naturist Congress with the participation of representatives from the 30 associations that make up the International Naturist Federation, is a wonderful chance to raise awareness of the naturist world without prejudice or preconceptions, also highlighting the economic component in terms of the spin-offs and benefits in the region that this form of tourism (almost unknown in Italy) could bring to our country

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Address : Loc. Fratte Vecchie
88841 Ísola Di Capo Rizzuto
Calabria - Italy

GPS coordinates : Latitude : 38.92372
Longitude : 17.12274

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