Camping Alfacs

Catalonia - Tarragona - Alcanar

Camping Alfacs is located on the “Mediterrània” Avenue, which links the part of Alcanar neighbouring the Delta to the rest of the municipality. Cases d’Alcanar has a very and distinct sea and maritime flavour and its sea-front boulevard leads all the way to River Senia’s mouth. A few kilometres inland one can find the nucleus of Alcanar, with a special antique cartier and a new Iberian Culture interpretation centre, known as Casa O’Connor. Stunning views of the Delta can be observed from “Ermi... ta del Remei”. Further, right beneath it, the Iberian settlement known as Moleta del Remei is also a tourist attraction worth visiting. More information on

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Address : Avinguda del Mar, 2
43530 Alcanar
Catalonia - Spain

GPS coordinates : Latitude : 40.5950058885298
Longitude : 0.570650026202202

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