Wecamp San Sebastián

Autonomous Community of the Basque Country - Gipuzkoa - San Sebastián

San Sebastián In a beautiful spot between the mountain and the sea San Sebastian, where the green landscape merges with the blue of the sea, is a place whose beauty is recognised far beyond our borders. Also known as Donostia, it is the enclave that welcomes all visitors with its spectacular gastronomic, cultural and sporting offer. Bathed by the emblematic La Concha beach, the historic town is surrounded by wild hills that lead to a unique oasis. Monte Igueldo, barely 5km from the historic ... centre, is the path that overlooks the Bay of Biscay to show you, from almost two hundred metres above sea level, the whole bay. An unusual place full of nooks and crannies to lose yourself in, where nature opens its doors to you

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Address : Padre Orkolaga Ibilbidea, 69, 20008 Donostia, Gipuzkoa
08017 San Sebastián
Autonomous Community of the Basque Country - Spain

GPS coordinates : Latitude : 43.2888180616012
Longitude : -2.0019146875

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