Park Albatros Village

Tuscany - Livorno - San Vincenzo

This marvellous campsite is situated on the Etruscan coastline and close to the Supertuscan vineyards. Set in an age-old pine forest, Park Albatros has amongst its many attractions and recommendations a location in the vicinity of one of the most beautiful bays in Tuscany, the Baratti Bay. Park Albatros offers countless options to enjoy sports in total relaxation and cultural excursions. Campsite organises visits to Florence, Pisa, Siena, Rome, islands in the Tuscan Archipelago Elba and Giglio,... the Etruscan cities Populonia and Vetulonia and to the nature parks of the Cornia valley

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Address : Pineta Di Torre Nuova
57027 San Vincenzo
Tuscany - Italy

GPS coordinates : Latitude : 43.0268974304199
Longitude : 10.5360174179077

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