Chez Laurence et Pascal Sagot

Les Roulottes du Sud-Ouest

Esprit Nature

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9.5 / 10
Authentic countryside, true local traditions, gourmet cuisine and fine wines, open-minded & friendly relationships, a core focus on customer service for the best holidays, these are our philosophy at Les Roulottes du Sud Ouest !

We are based in the south west of France, near Agen (Between Bordeaux and Toulouse) giving you a beautiful view on the green valley located between two rivers, the Lot & the Garonne.

Your place to stay

Our 2 elegant gypsies caravans on magnificent 4 acres of woods and meadows provides a safe and wholesome atmosphere where everyone can get closer to nature and enjoy his vacations.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing place to spend a night or two or somewhere to spend a couple of weeks holidays, you will find that our  accommodations provides the ideal peaceful location.

We have also a Spa center with hot-tub, sauna, hydro shower, hammam and fitness machines to allow you being well all year round !

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In the mood for staying in the countryside, in an unusual and nomadic accommodation? Roulottes de Campagne offers a location in the countryside with comfort and coziness like a Bed and Breakfast combined with professional hotel services. Rent a Roulotte de Campagne is a high-end provision of service, equal to a hotel or a rest house but in an authentic and original mind for stays in the countryside on various many destinations.
05 62 59 37 51